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About Me 344-4712
Stacey is the GIS Services Lead for Chester County. Stacey has over 19 years of industry experience specializing in Enterprise GIS, including GIS for E911 and EOC support.
Vice 242-5449
Laura is the GIS Director for Mifflin County and has worked in GIS for almost 19 years.  She has been an active member of the GIS Pros and currently serves as the Vice President. 228-4491
Cherie is the GIS Manager for the City of Lebanon Authority/County GIS Department. She has worked in GIS for over 25 years. Her GIS experiences are diverse having worked with the USDA Soil Conservation Service, Lebanon Conservation District, County Government and a water and sewer utility. She is an active member of the County GIS Professionals and the South Central Task Force. She currently serves as Secretary for both organizations. In the past she has held the positions of President, Vice President, and Regional Director and serves on the Membership Committee for the GIS Pros. Cherie is a certified GIS Professional (GISP). 387-4930
Region 1 Director (Northwest) 451-6017
Region 2 Director (Southwest)Christopher 250-4652
Christopher Jon Jursa is the GIS Manager of Washington County where he acts as a GIS system administrator, database administrator, web developer, analyst and educator. Christopher has over 15 years of GIS experience in government, consulting and education including Python scripting and engineering user interfaces and software with JavaScript, HTML, Java, Classic ASP with VBScript, PHP and ASP.NET with C#.
Region 3 Director (Northwest Central) 226-4000
Cherin has worked for Clarion County since 2005, where she started as the county mapper. She moved to the GIS department in 2010 and recently started overseeing the county's assessment office.​
Region 4 Director (North Central) 524-8739
Region 5 Director (South Central Mountain) 355-8733
Region 6 Director (South Central) 724-2801
Region 7 Director (East Central) 478-6283
Brad is the GIS Manager for Berks County and has been has been working with GIS for 19 years. He has been involved with the PA County GIS Professionals Association since its inception: serving as Region 7 Director, Membership Committee Chair, and serving on other committees in that time.
Region 8 Director (Northeast) 517-3156
Steve is the GIS Coordinator/Manager for Monroe County. He has over 20 years experience working with GIS and photogrammetry.
Region 9 Director (Southeast) 344-4485
Dave works as the GIS analyst for the Chester County Department of Emergency Services. He has worked for Chester County since 2003.​
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