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Who We Are
The County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professionals Association of Pennsylvania is a group of professional county employees dedicated to the coordination and leadership of GIS at all levels within county government; including the establishment, deployment and maintenance of GIS systems.
The Association collectively strives to:
Improve geospatial practices within Counties and within the Commonwealth
Provide for the collection, distribution and exhcnage of information relating to GIS at the County level among its member counties
Improve public relations on topics of GIS
Provide training opportunities at little-to-no cost to members
Provide information and guidance to federal, state and local officials on legislative, regulatory and policy matters
Cooperate with other interested agencies in the promotion of the objectives of the Association while maintaining a locally independent and regionally coordinated approach to managing their daily workflows
What We Do


Congratulations to Steve Gochenaur of Lancaster County for receiving the 2014 PA County GIS Professionals Award!  


Past Winners:
2013: Barry Hutchins, Lycoming County
2012: Todd Zimmerman, Lancaster County


​​Why Should You Join?
Membership is open to any County GIS employee. Membership is $200/year.
If remaining current with GIS technology is important… if you think there needs to be a strong voice on policy issues which affect you… if you need a reliable source of leadership on GIS issues… and if advocating that partnerships be established and maintained with federal and state government on GIS issues is something you think has to happen, then the County GIS Professionals Association of Pennsylvania needs to be in your future!
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