County Spotlight
  • Featured: Columbia County


    The County of Columbia GIS Department recently assisted the County of Montour with a countywide readdressing project.

    The project began in October 2016 and completed by September 2017.

    Approximately 11,000 addresses had their addresses changed – all municipalities in the County of Montour and two municipalities in the County of Northumberland – to permit emergency services to respond in a timely manner. Addresses out of sequence and address parity were the primary concern in the delay of emergency response times. 

    The Department collaborated with the United States Postal Service to transition from the old address to the new address. The USPS assisted their customers by forwarding mail from old to new address for one year.

    Three databases, one for each county, use the Esri Local Government Information Model schema and are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server versioned Enterprise geodatabase. An additional staging enterprise geodatabase that serves as direct input in the 9-1-1 Center was created. Database replicas between the county source enterprise geodatabase and staging enterprise geodatabase were created to facilitate the data update workflow. Accessory Python scripts are utilized to synchronize replicas among parent and child geodatabases.  Further table schema refinement was accomplished using SQL Server queries and views to achieve the functional specification of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) schema requirements.

    The East Central Emergency Network (consolidated 9-1-1 center of Columbia and Montour) uses Logistic Systems, Inc. for their Computer Aided Dispatch.