County Spotlight
  • 2020/2021 Excellence in GIS Award Winners!


    The 2020 and 2021 County GIS Professionals Association of Pennsylvania's Excellence in GIS Awards were announced at the 2021 Virtual PA GIS Conference on Tuesday, May 11.​

    ​Good afternoon, everyone.  My name is Megan Birch and I am the vice-president of the PA GIS Pros and have the honor today of announcing the winners of the 2020 and 2021 PA GIS Pros Award which recognizes outstanding GIS work at the county level.

    The GIS Pros Award for 2020 is presented to David Long and Jim Rebilas of Montgomery County.

    David and Jim built one of the first county COVID hub page/dashboard launched in PA as cases climbed in March 2020. It saw an integration of GIS and health data where data was shared as quickly as possible to give the public information on cases and the spread of COVID in the community. The dashboard was on local news and even made its way to nightly news programs.

    The original dashboard has since been integrated into a HUB site that provides vaccine, hospitalization, incidence, and demographic data.  It also provides links to other COVID-related mapping applications in the southeast region.  Their work demonstrated how GIS technologies can be used to integrate data and communicate clearly and effectively with the public.

    The GIS Pros Award for 2021 is presented to Amanda Hagan and Laura Goodrich Cairns of Delaware County for their projects to provide government transparency and support local businesses during the past year.  

    The first project was a collaboration with County GIS and the Delaware County Commerce Center to track and show where CARES money for small businesses went in 2020-2021. Using GIS they made part of the application a geocoding service to locate the grantees within the county and track statistics and demographics on the grantees and the areas. Internally this data was overlaid with census data and other internal data. A dashboard was created of the data in ArcGIS Experience that was in a press released and shared with the public. 

    The collaboration continued with applications for food/restaurant businesses to share their information on curbside and pick up services in 2020. The public could use this app to find out what was available to them as well as view menus.

    This project raised awareness in Delaware County of how GIS can be used with an economic entity like the Commerce Center. It also led to more projects and ideas for future collaboration. and​